UFO Hunter is a 90s retro game, available on all smart devices


The cruel aliens from the dark side of the universe has decided to annihilate all of mankind. They have invested in state-of-the-art UFOs with deadly weapons, and you are the only one who can stop them. You are commander of the anti-UFO tank “UFO Hunter”, the aliens’ worst nightmare. It will be a tough fight. The existence of mankind lies in your hands. Good luck!


Bring back the 90s

UFO Hunter is a computer game that was originally programmed by Arnfinn Matre and released on the world wide web in the late 90’s. The source code has been lying on a dusty floppy disk for almost 20 years. UFO Hunter will re-launched for modern computers and hand-held devices. Read more about the history of the game here and how it all started…

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Cool features

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Amazing Graphics

Enjoy this game in stunning 256 colors, not to mention the fantastic sound effects coming from a variety of enemies



Forget about VR, this is the ultimate Ufo simulator out there. Promise!


Totally Addictive

In a good way! Remembers folks, research tells us that cognitive training for our mind is just as important as physical training for our body. 10 minutes of UFO Hunter a day, keeps the Alzheimer doctor away!

“Gentlemen, this is combat! There are no points for second place.”

– Viper

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